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Sheri Allen
Executive Assistant. Academic Affairs
Jody Anderson
Director, Institutional Research
Jim Andrews
Chief, Campus Police
Tiffani Arriaga
Student Accounts Specialist
Jeri-Mae Astolfi
Senior Artist-in-Residence
Alayna Baggenstoss
Assistant Director, Residence Life
Elaine Bailey
Assoc. Dean & Associate Professor, Chemistry
Toni Bailey
Assistant Professor, Education
Davis Barlow
Assistant Director, Athletic Communications
Haley Barnett
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Alicia Barton
Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
Kyle Beaman
Assistant Director, Residential Living
Victoria Beck
Advisor, Admissions
Monica L. Bellon-Harn
Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sarah Benton
Compliance Specialist
Mindie Blackshear
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Kathy Blandin
Associate Professor, Theatre
Brenda Boonstra
Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Jeff Bowers
Associate Professor, Spanish | Chair, Department of Independent Studies
Rebecca Brantley
Director, Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art
Kathy Breithaupt
Professor, Education
Joseph Brenes-Dawsey
Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Laura Briggs
Manager, Prospect Research
John Brooks
Administrator, Ellucian
Lisa Brookshire
Manager, Faculty Services and Budget, College of Education
Savannah Brookshire
Assistant Professor – Accounting
Angela Brown
Professor, Education
Kara Brown
Manager, Payroll
Jeff Bruns
Professor, Business
Christian Buckmire
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Liz Butikofer
Director, Daily Operations, Athletics
Douglas Butts
Associate Professor of Biology
Carlos Camp
Professor, Biology
Stacy Campbell
Adjunct Faculty, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Bri Cantrell
Administrative Assistant
Dylan Cantrell
Assistant Coach, Men's and Women's Cycling
Chanda Carlan
Associate Professor, Nursing
Stephen Carlson
Professor, Business
Ed Carmack
Director, Institutional Research Data Analyst
James Carney
Head Coach, Men & Women's Cycling
Lydia Carr
Assistant Director, Career Services
Sean Carrigan
Professor, Chemistry
Samantha Carter
Executive Assistant, Administration and Finance
John Cavin
Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Windy Charles
Professor, English
Elias Clinton
Associate Professor, Education
Ashley Clouatre
Director, Graduate Admissions
Katy Coker
Administrative Assistant, Walker College of Business
Alicia Collier
Staff Accountant
Jeremy Cooper
Technician, Help Desk
Christal Craig
Manager, Foundation Grants
Hayden Craig
Associate Coach, Baseball
Kim Crawford
Vice President, Student Life and Leadership
Marshall Criser
Jason Croy
Coordinator, Campus Recreation & Wellness
Steve Dague
Administrator, Network Systems
Laura Darby
Associate Professor, Nursing
Hugh Davis
Professor, English
Jalen Davis
Recruiter, Undergraduate Admissions
John Delf-Montgomery
Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning
Joe Dennis
Associate Professor, Mass Communications
Jaydn DeWald
Assistant Professor, English
Debra Dooley
Professor, Earth Science
Christine Dowdy
Advisor, Financial Aid
Alexandrea Drake
Assistant Director, Residential Living
Andrew Duitsman
Assistant Professor of Biology
Timothy Dunton
Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Lisa Durand
Student Services Specialist
Ineke Dyer
Director, Student Support Services
Terrie Ellerbee
Specialist, Admissions and Parent Communications
Jackie Ellett
Associate Professor, Art Education
Tanya Elrod
Assistant, Maintenance-Fleet
Peyton Etheridge
Specialist, Student Services Center
Mark Evans
Assistant Professor, Education
Renee' Fargason
Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs
Jacob Farrell
Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Erin Forester
Executive Assistant, President
Melissa Fortner
Registrar, Piedmont University
Jennifer Fortunato
Assistant Professor of Biology
Pam Fountain
Director, Annual Giving
Karis Fowler
Advisor, Admissions
Ryan Franklin
Social Sciences Dept. Chair & Associate Professor, History
Shane Free
Officer, Campus Police
Michael Friedline
Associate Professor, Psychology
Tony Frye
Professor, Political Science & Assoc. Dean
Caroline Fuentes
Accounting Specialist
Bill Gabelhausen
Professor, Theatre
Tim Garvin-Leighton
Campus Minister
Joseph Garwood
Assistant Director, Athletic Communications
Brian Gawne
Assistant Coach, Men & Women's Cross-Country and Track and Field
Ann Gazell
Professor, Education
Davy Gibbs
Associate Librarian for Collection Development
Jennifer Gilstrap
Assistant Professor, English
Bob Glass
Dean, Libraries and College Librarian
Rebecca Godwin
Director, Grants Research
Amanda Gomez
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kate Guthrie
Assistant Professor, Education
Teddy Guyer
Head Coach, Men's and Women's Swimming
Natalie Hale
Specialist, Registrar's Office
Larry Hall
Technician, Help Desk
Kay Hamilton
Assistant, Janitorial
William E. Harn
Associate Instructor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kathy Harris
Instructor, Nursing
Amy Hayes
Director, Online Programs
Mitzi Heck
Director, Administrative Services
Shahryar Heydari
Professor, Mathematics
Ingrid Hinkley
Director of Clinical Education, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Zackary Hoopaugh
Director of Marketing
Oliver Howington
Coordinator, Learning Center
Laura Hudgens
Instructor, Mass Communications
Stephanie Hudgens
Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Affairs
Keri Hurney
Officer, Certification
Michelle Irvin
Administrative Assistant, QEP
Melissa Jackson
Associate Professor, Mass Communications
Tori Jackson
Instructional Designer
Steve Jacobs
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Jamie Jimison
Director, Men & Women's Cross-Country and Track and Field
Jaime Johnson-Huff
Dean, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Christine Kaiser
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Colleen Kearney
Evening Public Services Specialist
Jennifer Kelley
Associate Professor, Nursing
Chris Kelly
Assoc. Dean & Associate Professor, Art
Areatha Ketch
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Hank Knight
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management & Safety
Stephanie Lamm
Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
Kelly Land
Associate Professor, Education; Associate Dean, College of Education
John Lanneau
Assistant Professor, Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
Chris Lawson
Associate Administrator, System and Engineer, Systems
Pamela Lewallen
Jay Long III
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Gabriella Lotter
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Jim Love
Assistant, Maintenance/Plumbing
Kim Lovell
Associate Professor, Business
Walter Lovisek
Officer, Campus Police
Robert J. Lutz
Professor, Computer Science
Tim Lytle
Professor, Philosophy and Religion
Tad MacMillan
Assistant Professor, Education
Santanu Majumdar
Professor, Art and Art Department Chair
Lisa Mann
Director, Career Services
Terry Martin
Head Coach, Women's Softball
Trey Martin
Head Coach, Women's Tennis
Sandra Maughon
Professor, Business
Jamie McCormack
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
Timmy McCormack
Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Brian McDermott
Instructor, Spanish
Erika McKinney
Associate Professor, Health Sciences
Matt McKinney
Head Athletic Trainer
Chris McVay
Assistant, Maintenance
Kris McWhite
Associate Professor, Economics
Chad Mealor
Officer, Campus Police
Vicky Mealor
Officer, Campus Police
Stella Michael-Makri
Associate Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Department Chair, Professional Counseling
Drema Montgomery
Instructor, Art
Mike Moody
Professor, Education
Janice Moss
Professor, Mass Communications
Black and white image of Piedmont University Dean of the College of Education Dr. Octavius Mulligan.
Octavius Mulligan
Dean, College of Education
Kayla Neal
Specialist, Georgia Forensic Academy
Greg Neeley
Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Keith Nelms
Professor Emeritus, Walker College of Business
Dennis Nichols
Assistant, Maintenance – General
Steve Nimmo
Professor of Mathematics
Cathy Nix
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
William Nye
Associate Professor, Education
Taryn Ogle
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Darren Olivo
Assistant Coach, Women's Softball
Hazel Park
Assistant Director of Student Accounts
Heejin Park
Associate Instructor of Music
Susan Parr
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sara Pasour
Assistant Coach, Volleyball
Jalpa Patel
Specialist, Facilities Management
Sheena Patrick
Associate Registrar
Tracey Paul
Tracey Paul
Dean of Students
Emily Paulk
Graduate Enrollment and Recruitment Specialist
Jim Peeples
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Danielle Percival
Assistant Athletic Director, Athletic Communications
Albert Pleysier
Professor, History
Ashley Powell
Office Manager, Speech and Language Clinic
Andrea Price
Professor, Music and Chair, Department of Music
Brenda Pruitt
Specialist, Accounts Payable
Jamie Purdy
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Cristen Rabern
Head Coach, Cheerleading
Kristin Randolph
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Shelley Randolph
Director, Financial Aid
Perry Rettig
Distinguished University Professor of Education
James “Brandon” Reynolds
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Brandon Roberts
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Dan Roberts
Officer, Campus Police
Letitia Roller
Director, Human Resources
Suzanne Rose
Associate Director, Residential Living
Stephen Ross
Officer, Security
Eli Ruiz-Mendoza
Coordinator, Accounts Payable
Greg Ryan
Associate Dean, Health Sciences
Morgan Sales
Assistant Professor, Business
Hannah Satterfield
Head Coach, Women's Golf
Justin Scali
Head Coach, Baseball
Julia Schmitz
Associate Professor, Biology
Casey Sellers
Assistant, Maintenance
David Sells
Assistant Professor, Education
Cassie Shirley
Director of Student Accounts
Katrina Short
Associate Professor, Education
Lisa Shurtleff
Karen Sigers
Associate Professor, Music
Bill Simmons
Officer, Campus Police
Cat Simpson-Wiles
Director of Student Life
Kirsten Smith
Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Madison Smith
HR Business Partner
Sarah Smith
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Tina Smith
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Courtney Snow
Director, Compliance, Equity, and ADA
Candice Southall
Associate Professor, Education
John Spiegel
Associate Professor, Theatre
Lyn St. Louis
Student Success Advisor, Academic Affairs
Jeb Stacy
Assistant Professor, Physics
Wendy Stanley
Coordinator, Regional Admissions
Jimmy Stephens
Head Coach, Men's Soccer
Keyla Stephens
Nancy Strawbridge
Professor, Education
Anand Sukumaran
Assistant Professor, Music
Gerald Sullivan
Professor, Business
Sarah Sumners
Associate Professor, Education
Ann Sutton
Ann Sutton
Assistant Vice President
Matthew Teutsch
Director, Lillian E. Smith Center
Brooke Thacker
Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Tianashan Thomaswick
Analyst, Institutional Reporting
Cindy Tinius
Coordinator, Graduate Studies
Douglas Torrance
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Vickie Turner
Special Advisor to the President
Dale Van Cantfort
Professor, Mass Communications
Cynthia Vance
Professor, Psychology
Brittany Walker
Associate Head Athletic Trainer
Kerry Waller
Dean, Walker College of Business
Susanna Warnock
Associate Professor, Business
Crystal Waye
Instructional Designer
Stephen Whited
Professor, English
Madison Whiteside
Assistant Coach, Women's Softball
Chelsea Wilkes
Director, Campus Experiences & Operations
Kristi Williams
Associate Vice President of Administration & Finance
Matt Williams
Head Coach, Men's Tennis
Pam Williams
Administrator, Facilities Management
Remel Williams
Assistant Coach, Men & Women's Cross-Country and Track and Field
Sean Williamson
Director, Counseling Services
Bruce Willis
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Naomi Woodbury
Mathematics Instructor
Jared Worley
Financial Aid Advisor
Amy Worrell
Adjunct Professor
Brant Wright
Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance
Amy Young
Office Manager, College of Nursing and Health Sciences