Walker College of Business

Preparing students to adapt and thrive

In a rapidly changing world, critical-thinkers and creative-doers will flourish. The Walker College of Business prepares engaged learners for successful careers by offering undergraduate and graduate business programs of distinction. Our talented and caring faculty emphasize academic rigor, ethical integrity, individual attention, and performance excellence.

The College of Business offers a real-world education that prepares students to prosper beyond college. Our internships, study away, and immersive, broad-based learning experiences are transformative and will equip students with the tools needed to adapt and thrive.

By partnering with local organizations, our students learn to apply and enhance the skills they have acquired and develop an appreciation for community development.

Meet our Dean

What sets the Walker College of Business apart is our faculty's wealth of experience in the business world.
J. Kerry Waller, Dean, Walker College of Business

Undergraduate Programs

A liberal arts foundation serves as the base for the business administration undergraduate major offered by the college. This major has been designed with a global perspective as well as an entrepreneurial focus.

Graduate Programs

Offered in an online format, Piedmont’s MBA program is designed to serve the educational and practical interests of those seeking managerial positions or wishing to progress to higher levels of responsibility within their existing organizations.


Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

The Walker School of Business received national accreditation in November 2007 and is reaccredited through 2029 from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for both the undergraduate and graduate business programs.  ACBSP’s mission is to establish, promote, and recognize education programs, teaching of business courses, and student learning outcomes in colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad.

Honor Society

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of business students to create a community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through life-time membership. To join, a student must have standing in the top twenty percent of their class and received recommendation via their adviser. As an international society, Delta Mu Delta members contribute significantly throughout the world to the development of business scholarship, innovation and integrity. In 2014, Delta Mu Delta awarded more than $58,000 in scholarships to 60+ members who are finishing their degrees.

Business Club

American Marketing Association

Piedmont AMA Collegiate Chapter is an affiliate of the American Marketing Association and serves as the business club for the Walker College of Business. Membership in the club is open to any Piedmont University student without regard to their selected program of study. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities for service learning, access to career resources, platforms for professional development, planning and execution of chapter events, leadership development, to taking part in the many AMA competitions offered annually. Participation in the local chapter also offers many leadership opportunities. For more information, see the chapter website at www.piedmontama.org.   

Program Outcomes

The Walker College of Business pursues the mission and values of Piedmont University by preparing engaged learners for successful careers.  We engage learners by offering undergraduate and graduate business programs of distinction, delivered by a talented and caring faculty, with an emphasis on academic rigor, ethical integrity, individual attention and performance excellence.

We offer an undergraduate program for students who are seeking a career in business for the first time or those who wish to change careers.  The Walker College of Business offers a graduate program (MBA) for students who wish to enhance their chances for promotion.

How do we verify that these programs, as designed and delivered, serve the interests of students who elect to major in business administration or pursue a masters degree in business administration at Piedmont University?

Accrediting bodies tend to focus on the question: did the student learn the material that made up the curriculum (student learning outcomes)?    

Governmental agencies tend to focus on the question of job market relevance – did the graduate get a job in their major?   This is especially relevant to 2-year trade school type programs.  

We think the most relevant question in 4-year and graduate programs is: did the graduate learn the relevant knowledge and skills for career success in the labor market they chose to enter?  

Therefore, the most relevant data would be the experiences of our graduates after they have spent a few years in the workplace.  We refer to the findings from our alumni surveys as Impact Analysis.  Impact analysis represents the “so what” of achieving student learning outcomes.

Undergraduate Assessment Value Chain

MBA Assessment Value Chain