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Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences, or what our faculty like to call the heart and soul of Piedmont College. One of our primary goals is to provide the liberal arts core for the college. We do this through a diverse set of courses aimed at sharing knowledge, enhancing skills, and developing dispositions to prepare Piedmont College students to be engaged 21st century citizens.

Providing rigorous and current academic programs blending theory and application is the other main focus of the School of Arts and Sciences. We are the home to 34 programs, all of which are offered through our school's nine departments: Art, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mass Communications, Mathematics/Physics, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Theatre.

Through these departments, students may pursue Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. We also work collaboratively with the School of Education to provide content courses for Early Childhood, Middle School, and Secondary education majors.

Our school also partners with many local and community organizations, where students may work to complete practicums, internships, and service learning experiences. These opportunities allow students to gain valuable field experience while making a contribution to the organizations in which they serve.

In addition to academics, the School of Arts and Sciences faculty provide a range of cultural activities including plays, musical performances, art shows, Maymester travel study experience, and lectures. All of these opportunities exist for our students' cultural growth.

As a member of the School of Arts and Sciences, I encourage you to combine your talents with ours as you prepare for your future. I sincerely hope that you will decide to become part of the PC family.

If I can answer any questions for you about the School of Arts and Sciences, please contact me using the information below.



Steven D. Nimmo, PhD
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
706.778.3000 x1286

DR. TIM O'KEEFE (Assistant Professor, English)

Dr. Tim O'Keefe of Athens is the winner of the 2017 Juniper Prize for Poetry for his upcoming new book, You Are the Phenomenology.

O’Keefe is an assistant professor of English at Piedmont College, where he teaches literature and directs the creative writing program. He said the new book, which is scheduled for release in February 2018, is a collection of poems and creative non-fiction. READ MORE





Stories & Highlights

A Call to Teach: Two Decades Removed, Father and Son Share a Common Mentor

Piedmont College history professor, Dr. Al Pleysier, continues to have a huge impact on his students. Decades ago, former Major League Baseball pitcher Cris Carpenter found his calling in a Dr. Pleysier history class. All these years later, Cris' son, current Lions pitcher Sam, found the same calling in the same class. READ MORE


Piedmont & Mercer Law School Form Accelerated JD Program

Piedmont College and Mercer Law School have joined forces to provide the opportunity for Piedmont students to receive their bachelor of arts (BA) degree and juris doctor (JD) degree in six years. It's called the 3+3. READ MORE



Dominant Debater: The Story of Ray Hernandez and Dr. Janice Moss

Ray Hernandez had never considered that he would be a debater, but that changed once he got to Piedmont and sat in a public speaking class by Dr. Janice Moss. Despite early struggles at debate meets, Ray gained confidence and a spot in the national championship by his senior year. He graduated and will be going to law school. READ MORE


The Art of Aiming High: The Story of Hayden Giovino & Prof. Rebecca Brantley

Hayden Giovino's grit, determination, focus, and passion, along with the help of art professor Rebecca Brantley, helped get him a coveted spot in a program with the High Museum in Atlanta. READ MORE