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About Applied Health Science

Health care is among the fastest growing industries in the United States, and recent shifts in both delivery and cost structure are placing a new emphasis on disease prevention and maintaining quality of life. This change, combined with a growing aged population, has stimulated the reorganization of resources dedicated to patient education and encouraged the industry to explore ways to make health care more effective and less expensive. One such avenue is targeting behavior change related to diet, fitness, and well-being.

Therefore, the applied health science program seeks to prepare undergraduate students for careers helping individuals achieve optimal health and fitness while leading more balanced and meaningful lives, rather than discovering or treating disease, by providing the theoretical foundations for nutritional planning, health and wellness promotion, and fitness prescription in both healthy and clinical populations through exemplary classroom and laboratory instruction. Furthermore, the program is dedicated to respecting individual diversity and engaging the community by exposing students to a variety of healthcare settings, practitioners, and patient populations.