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Conversion Mechanism - Instructional Technology

The Piedmont College School of Education has been approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to offer the Conversion Mechanism in Instructional Technology. Qualified individuals who have completed advanced degree programs in instructional technology or a closely related field (in a Georgia PSC approved institution or out-of-state institutions with NCATE, TEAC, or CAEP accredited programs) may apply to have their previous work evaluated under a Conversion Mechanism. Candidates will complete a portfolio and make a formal presentation, demonstrating competence in the appropriate state certification standards. Click here to find out which program will meet your needs.


Individuals wishing to have their previous work reviewed for consideration under the Conversion Mechanism must formally apply to the college through the Office of Graduate Admissions. (Click on "Grad Admissions Application (All education programs & non-degree) in the menu and then select Conversion Mechanism for Instructional Technology on the bottom of the first page of the application).



Candidates seeking the college’s recommendation for certification under the Conversion Mechanism must participate in an interview with a member of the faculty or a committee of faculty as a part of the admissions process. In-person interviews are recommended; however, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone interviews may be substituted at the discretion of the program coordinator.