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President Mellichamp

"Piedmont College genuinely cares about its students. Each and every one. It is such a pleasure to get to know them as they get to know themselves. To see them explore their talents, discover their paths, and become well-rounded, confident young professionals. Actually, it is more than a pleasure, it is an honor." -President James F. Mellichamp

Student Life Virtual Visit

Our Virtual Visit is much more than following a map of the campus with stops here and there to take in the sights. It is an inside look — the inside story — of what makes Piedmont College tick. You'll see the College through the eyes — and words — of students and faculty in every arena, from academics to athletics. Plan your real-life or Virtual Visit!

Student Resources

List of resources are endless at Piedmont College. The Office of Student Services encompasses the different programs on campus offered to students to aid in their success at Piedmont and beyond. Follow the links to learn about campus safety, career and counseling services, disabilities support, health services, and the student handbook.

The Best

To us, "the best" means a quality up-to-date, real-world education with a competitive edge. It means soaking up the full, classic college experience — lifelong friends, sports, clubs, outdoor adventures, music — the works! It means, most of all, hearing our graduates (and yes, their parents) say how proud they are to have a Piedmont College degree.

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Piedmont College Academics Parents
Parents of Piedmont College

We Are On The Same Page.

You want the best for your children. We want the best for your children. As simple as that sounds, it is the bedrock of the way Piedmont College thinks and acts.

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