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Political Science Courses

The major in Political Science consists of 36 semester hours (12 courses) beyond the general education courses.

Required Courses

POSC 1101. American Government
POSC 3315. Georgia Politics
POSC 3340. Political Ideologies
SOSC 3310. Research Methods and Analysis
SOSC 4480. Senior Seminar

Electives - six additional courses from the choices below:

CRJU 1290. Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 3370. Adjudication Processes
CRJU 4415. Criminal Law and Procedure
CRJU 4430. Homeland Security and Terrorism
POSC 3330. National Political Issues
POSC 3350. Governmental Institutions
POSC 3360. International Relations
POSC 3380. International Law
POSC 4405. Global Issues
POSC 4475. Selected Topics
SOSC 3398. Internship