Career Services

“Serving students and alumni through holistic career education and professional development”

Piedmont College Career Services helps students find and prepare for a meaningful career.  Our services are designed to serve students at every level. Click on a tab to make an appointment, view our services, or connect with the Director.

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Appointment Types

  • Resume Writing: Resume writing appointments are designed to help students learn more about resume formatting, wordsmithing, and employer expectations.
  • Cover Letter Writing: During this appointment, the counselor will discuss what employers are looking for in a cover letter and how to make one stand out.
  • Interviewing: Students can learn the tips and tricks to ace your interview during this appointment. They will practice and answer questions while discussing strategies to help organize experiences. Students can also schedule this appointment to conduct a practice mock interview.
  • Choosing a Major/Career: This appointment type is designed to help students discuss their major and career options at Piedmont University and beyond.
  • Assessment Interpretation: Students should schedule this appointment to take career exploration assessments and have them interpreted in session. This appointment is perfect for undecided or exploring students who are trying to find a major that is right for them.
  • Graduate School Discussion: If a student is considering graduate school, this appointment is for them. Together with the counselor, students will discuss if graduate school is good option for their career goals and the steps they will need take to apply.
  • Job & Internship Search: This appointment type is designed for students seeking guidance on job and internship searching. Students will learn more about where to search for a position, what to look for, and how to ensure their application materials will wow the recruiter.
  • SuccessLink: SuccessLink is Piedmont University’s all-in-one platform for student success. Within this resource, students can search and apply for jobs, schedule appointments, take assessments, create a profile and engage in online video learning.