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Engineering Physics

The programs of Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics or Engineering Science are dual-degree programs with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) & Kennesaw State University (KSU). They are designed for students who wish to receive a base of knowledge in physics and mathematics at Piedmont College before advancing to study a specific school of engineering at either Georgia Tech or Kennesaw State. Information on the schools of engineering available at each university can be found via the links below.


This degree program provides the opportunity for a student to study for three years at Piedmont College and then transfer to either Georgia Tech or KSU. Upon completion of their studies, the student will receive a B.S. in Engineering from Georgia Tech or KSU as well as a B.S. in Engineering Physics or Engineering Science from Piedmont College. Because of the special nature of the dual-degree program, the baccalaureate degree will not be conferred by Piedmont College, Georgia Tech, or Kennesaw State until all requirements established by both the involved institutions have been met satisfactorily.