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Plymouth Hall

Built in 2010, Plymouth Hall is named for the area of New England where passengers on the Mayflower landed in 1620 and commemorates the Piedmont’s long Congregationalist heritage. Suites in this residence hall include private rooms with a shared bath. There are two floors with elevator access. Plymouth features an outdoor deck with a view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and a weathervane in the shape of a shallop—a small sailboat. This residence hall has a study, laundry room, lobby with big screen television and pool/ping pong combination table.  



Plymouth Hall suites include two bedrooms with a bathroom connecting the dorm rooms. Each room is set up with a bed, dresser, desk, microwave and fridge, night stand, and closet. Two people share a bathroom with a shower and sink. Toilets are separated by a door from the rest of the bathroom. FULL FLOORPLAN