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Piedmont Village

Built in 2015, Piedmont Village is the newest residence area on campus and includes 12 buildings each with four apartments. Located walking distance to campus, the Village is home to upper-level students with a minimum of 45 credit hours and a 2.75 grade point average.  The Village is also home to underclassmen who are older than 25 years old and graduate students.  Piedmont Village offers the greatest degree of independent living at Piedmont College with 24/7 open visitation, in-apartment cooking, and alcohol privileges for apartments housing legal age residents. The apartments include four bedrooms, two baths and a kitchen. Each common room is outfitted with a couch, two chairs, TV stand, and two side tables. The kitchen has a kitchen table and chairs, microwave, full-sized refrigerator, stovetop, sink, and washer and dryer.