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Piedmont College and Lanier Technical College sign transfer agreement

Dec 20th, 2019

Officials with Lanier Piedmont College and Lanier Technical College have signed an articulation agreement that creates new education opportunities for Lanier Technical students who graduate with an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Under the agreement signed on December 18, students who successfully complete and are awarded their Associate of Applied Science degree from Lanier Technical in Early Childhood Care and Education can transfer their college credits toward a bachelor’s degree at Piedmont in Early Childhood Education (to be changed to Elementary Education in August).

“Piedmont is very excited to partner with Lanier Tech to provide students a viable path to completing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education so they can fulfill their dreams of becoming elementary school teachers,” said Daniel K. Silber, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Piedmont. “We look forward to welcoming Lanier Tech graduates at Piedmont and to pursuing articulation agreements with Lanier Tech in other program areas in the near future.”

The partnership between Lanier Tech and Piedmont will provide opportunities that increase the accessibility of higher education throughout the area. Piedmont has offered upper level courses in Early Elementary Education for several years.

“We are thrilled to enter into his agreement with Piedmont and are excited for the opportunities it brings our graduates,” said Lanier Technical College President Ray Perren. “We hope that this is the first of many articulation agreements we will sign with Piedmont.”