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Supporting our troops

Supporting our troops

Feb 13th, 2019

Last summer, Associate Professor Patricia Miller at the R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences participated in a “Family Readiness Event” for the U.S. Army 48th Brigade with her daughter, Kathryn “Kate” Miller, who was preparing to put her civilian career as a detention officer on hold to serve in Afghanistan. 
The event was to inform the soldiers and their families about all aspects of a military deployment – when they depart, when they will return and things to expect.  
Some weeks later, Miller returned to meet her community health class for the fall semester when one of her students, Alexander “Alex” McNure, approached her and explained that he was a member of the 48th, would soon deploy and would be unable to complete the semester.
What were the chances?  Kate and Alex were not only being deployed at the same time but in the same Brigade.  
Miller views happenchance as an opportunity for both Piedmont families to look after one another. Soon after, she and her colleagues developed a plan to collect items for the two soldiers such as nonperishable food items, toiletries, and reading material. Each month, the department will send the items to Kate and Alex in the 48th.
Those wishing to participate may drop off items on the fourth floor of Daniel Hall on the Demorest campus. Donations may also be mailed to Adrienne Robinson R.H. Daniel School of Nursing & Health Science, Piedmont College, 1021 Central Avenue, Demorest, Georgia, 30535. For more information, see this flyer.