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Learning from Lions

Dec 3rd, 2018

On Wednesday, November 28, Piedmont College Athletics hosted the third annual high school athletic training conference. The conference kicks off every fall at the Mize Athletic Center on the Demorest campus and is part of the required curriculum for students majoring in athletic training. The conference is host to about 40 students who attend nearby high schools.

Ashlyn Atnip, Abbey Craven (above), Kristin Whitlock, Andy Turner, Maggie Smith, and Megan Maxwell, organized the conference from start to finish. 

“Active, hands-on learning is what Piedmont College is all about,” said Piedmont College Head Athletic Trainer Matt McKinney. “The students have the responsibility of organizing the event, creating the curriculum, and teaching classes in the seminar.  Communication, collaboration, and teamwork are all learned and promoted.” 

Each year, the conference is host to a variety of seminars. This year’s focus was on hot-button issues in sports injuries: heat-related illnesses, taping, and concussions. 

“Only the seniors in this program get to organize and administer the conference, prepare the classes, and network with other students,” said Craven, who played a leading role in organizing the event. “This helps us train for our future, whether it is continuing to graduate studies or moving directly into the profession.”  

A center on the Lady Lions basketball team, Craven knows first-hand the importance of trainers. A daughter of a nurse, the White County native plans to obtain her master’s in athletic training after graduating and hopes to eventually work with football players.

Piedmont recently launched a graduate level program in athletic training. Through a 3 plus 2 program, students may earn their master's degree in five years. For more information about the program, visit the athletic training webpage.

Piedmont faculty will also particiapate in an athletic training and sports medicine virtual fair on December 18. The online colaboration will give perspective students the opportunity to learn more about education opportunities in this growing fiedl. To learn more about the fair, please vist this webpage.

-- By Adam Martin