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Art Courses 

Requirements based on Degree Type

Art Foundation Courses (BA and BFA)

ART 1110. Professional Practices 
ART 1120. Drawing I
ART 1130. Two-dimensional Design
ART 1140. Three-dimensional Design
ART 2200. Drawing II
ART 2270. Painting I

BFA Requirements

Following the Art Foundation Courses, students are required to submit a professional portfolio for review by the art department faculty before they are admitted into the BFA program. Following admission, students pick a concentration: Two-Dimensional Design Concentration (18 hours) Students pick one of the following: Painting Drawing Photography Ceramics Sculpture OR Graphic Design Concentration (18 Hours) Additional Requirements: Students then complete 18 hours of electives. Any Art or Graphic Design course may be chosen. Art History/Criticism (15 hours) Senior Exhibition/Capstone (3 hours) Total: 69 Credit Hours

BA Requirements

  • Major Electives (12 hours) Students select four courses from photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and graphic design.
  • Major Concentration (6 hours) Students select Level II and Level III studio art classes
  • Art History (12 Hours)
  • Senior Exhibition/Capstone (3 hours)
  • Total: 48 Credit Hours