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Mass Communications

The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications prepares students to work in mass media-related organizations and to understand the different requirements of television, radio and Internet broadcasting. Students learn about telecommunications networks; how to manage and write for electronic and print media; visual communications, advertising and promotion; film studies; media organizations; and the ethical, sociological and legal effects of mass media on business and society.


The rapidly evolving world of mass media affects our lives on a daily basis. New technologies are creating a global network of ideas, information, and industries. The objectives of Piedmont College's program of study in mass communications are:

(1) to provide students with a basic understanding of television, radio, and Internet broadcasting, advertising and promotion, communications networks, journalism, and the effects of media on society;

(2) to provide students with the knowledge to work successfully in organizations utilizing mass media technologies and developing mass media content; and

(3) to prepare students for graduate studies in mass communications.

Graduates in mass communications are highly sought after by employers who are striving to keep up with the demands of mass media and global communications networks. Virtually any organization or corporation can utilize individuals with skills in Mass Communications.

Piedmont College's internship program in Mass Communications opens the door for students to easily migrate from academia to industry.