Non-Degree Information

In order to meet the admissions criteria for this status you must have at least a bachelors degree from an accredited post-secondary institution and have graduated in good standing. In order to apply and be accepted to take courses, you must be aware of the following policies:

  • If you plan on taking undergraduate level courses, you need to apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate.  Application Link:
  • Non-degree graduate students may take a maximum of five courses or fifteen semester hours as a non-degree graduate student. Non-degree graduate students who wish to take more than five courses or fifteen semester hours must receive permission from the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • If a non-degree graduate student wishes to apply to a graduate degree program, a maximum of two courses or six semester hours can be transferred to the degree at Piedmont University. Transfer credit is allowed only by permission of the Registrar and Director of the degree.
  • A non-degree graduate student who wishes to apply for a degree and change status to a degree-seeking candidate, must complete all of the requirements for admission to that degree including any required admissions test.
  • Non-degree graduate students must meet pre-requisite course requirements for any course taken as a non-degree graduate student. Any College of Education course requiring field experience may only be taken with the permission of the Dean of the College of Education
  • Non-degree graduate students are allowed to register for courses on a space available basis. Degree-seeking candidates are given preference for seating in courses where class size is a consideration.
  • Non-degree graduate students who take undergraduate courses will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate. Graduate courses will be charged at the graduate tuition rate.
  • Non-degree graduate students are not assigned an academic advisor. If you have questions, please call Piedmont University Graduate Studies at 1-800-277-7020.

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