Academic Program CIP Codes

Academic Degrees and Programs (Fall 2023)Degree LevelCIP CodeConcentrations Offered
Applied Health ScienceBS51.0001
ArtBFASee ConcentrationsTwo and Three Dimensional Design (50.0701);
Graphic Design (50.0409)
Art EducationBA, MA, MAT, EDS13.1302
Art TherapyBA51.2301
Athletic TrainingMS51.0913
Athletic Training 3+2BS+MS51.0913
Business AdministrationBSSee ConcentrationsBusiness Analytics (52.1399);
Finance (52.0801);
Logistics and Global Operations (52.0203);
Management (52.0201);
Marketing (52.1401);
Digital Marketing (52.1404)
Business AdministrationMBA52.0201
Chemistry EducationBS13.1323
Communication Sciences and DisordersBS51.0201
Computer ScienceBS11.0101
Criminal JusticeBA43.0104
Curriculum and InstructionEDD13.0301
Curriculum and Instruction – Initial CertificationEDS13.0301
Curriculum and Instruction – Advanced CertificationEDS13.0301
Drama EducationBA13.1324
Elementary EducationBA, MA, MAT13.1202
Educational Leadership – Tier IMA13.0401
Educational Leadership – Tier IIEDD13.0401
Educational StudiesBA, MA13.0101
Engineering PhysicsBS14.0101
Engineering PraxisBS14.0101
Engineering ScienceBS14.0101
EnglishBASee ConcentrationsCreative Writing (23.1302);
Literary Studies (23.1401)
Environmental ScienceBS3.0104
Exercise and Sport ScienceBS31.0505
Film ProductionBA50.0602
Forensic ScienceBS43.0406
Health and Human PerformanceMS51.0001
Health Care AdministrationBS51.0701
History and GovernmentBASee ConcentrationsGovernment (45.1001); History (54.0101)
Interdisciplinary StudiesBA, BS30.0000
International StudiesBA30.2001
Mass CommunicationsBA9.0102
Middle Grades EducationBA13.1203
Middle Grades EducationMA, MAT13.1203Language Arts (13.1305); Mathematics (13.1311); Natural Science (13.1316); Social Studies (13.1203)
Music PerformanceBA50.0903
Music EducationBA, MA, MAT, EDS13.1312
Musical TheatreBA50.0509
Philosophy and ReligionBA38.0001
Physics – AppliedBS14.1201
Political ScienceBA45.1001
Professional Counseling – Clinical Mental HealthMA51.1508
Secondary EducationMA13.1205English (13.1305); History (13.1328); Mathematics (13.1311); Broadfield Science (13.1316)
Secondary Biology EducationBA13.1322
Secondary Broadfield Science EducationMAT13.1316
Secondary Chemistry EducationBS13.1323
Secondary English EducationBA, MAT13.1305
Secondary History EducationBA, MAT13.1328
Secondary Mathematics EducationBS, MAT13.1311
Special Education – General CurriculumBA, MA, MAT13.1001
Special Education – Adapted CurriculumMAT13.1099
Speech Language PathologyMS51.0203
Speech Language Pathology 4+1BS+MS51.0203
Sports and Fitness AdministrationBS31.0504
Sports CommunicationsBA9.0906
Theatre ArtsBA50.0501
Non-Degree Programs
Business AnalyticsCertificate52.1399
Logistics and Global OperationsCertificate52.0203
Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementCertificate52.0203
Art Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1302
Autism Spectrum Disorder EndorsementNon-Degree13.1013
Drama Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1324
Elementary Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1202
Gifted Education EndorsementNon-Degree13.1004
Instructional Coaching EndorsementNon-Degree13.0301
Middle Grades Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1203
Music Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1312
Education Leadership – Tier I –
Certification Only or Add-on to
Curriculum and Instruction EDS
Education Leadership – Tier II –
Certification Only
Secondary Broadfield Science Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1316
Secondary English Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1305
Secondary History Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1328
Secondary Mathematics Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1311
Special Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1001