Academic Program CIP Codes

Academic Degrees and Programs (Fall 2022)Degree LevelCIP CodeConcentrations Offered
Applied Health ScienceBS51.0001
ArtBFASee ConcentrationsTwo and Three Dimensional Design (50.0701);
Graphic Design (50.0409)
Art EducationBA, MA, MAT, EDS13.1302
Art TherapyBA51.2301
Athletic TrainingMS51.0913
Athletic Training 3+2BS+MS51.0913
Business AdministrationBSSee ConcentrationsBusiness Analytics (52.1399);
Finance (52.0801);
Logistics and Global Operations (52.0203);
Management (52.0201);
Marketing (52.1401);
Digital Marketing (52.1404)
Business AdministrationMBA52.0201
Chemistry EducationBS13.1323
Communication Sciences and DisordersBS51.0201
Computer ScienceBS11.0101
Criminal JusticeBA43.0104
Curriculum and InstructionEDD13.0301
Curriculum and InstructionEDS13.0301
Drama EducationBA13.1324
Elementary EducationBA, MA, MAT13.1202
Educational Leadership – Tier IIEDD13.0401
Educational StudiesBA, MA13.0101
Engineering PhysicsBS14.1201
Engineering PraxisBS14.0101
Engineering ScienceBS14.1301
EnglishBA23.0101Creative Writing (23.1302);
Literary Studies (23.1401)
Environmental ScienceBS3.0104
Exercise and Sport ScienceBS31.0505
Film ProductionBA50.0602
Forensic ScienceBS43.0406
Gifted EducationMA13.1004
Health and Human PerformanceMS51.0001
Health Care AdministrationBS51.2211
Interdisciplinary StudiesBA, BS30.0000
International StudiesBA30.2001
Mass CommunicationsBA9.0102
Mathematics – Actuarial ScienceBS52.1304
Mathematics – AppliedBS27.0301
Middle Grades EducationBA, MAT13.1203
Middle Grades Education – Language ArtsMA13.1305
Middle Grades Education – MathematicsMA13.1311
Middle Grades Education – Natural ScienceMA13.1316
Middle Grades Education – Social ScienceMA13.1203
MusicBA50.0903Performance (50.0903)
Music EducationBA, MAT13.1312
Music EducationMA, EDS13.1312
Musical TheatreBA50.0509
Philosophy & ReligionBA38.0001
Physics – AppliedBS14.1201
Political ScienceBA45.1001
Professional CounselingMA51.1508Clinical Mental Health (51.1508)
Secondary Biology EducationBA13.1322
Secondary Broadfield Science EducationMA, MAT13.1316
Secondary Chemistry EducationBS13.1323
Secondary English EducationBA, MA, MAT13.1305
Secondary History EducationBA, MA, MAT13.1328
Secondary Mathematics EducationBS, MA, MAT13.1311
Special Education – Adapted CurriculumMAT13.1001
Special Education – General CurriculumBA, MA, MAT13.1001
Sports and Fitness AdministrationBS31.0504
Sports CommunicationsBA9.0906
Non-Degree Programs
Business AnalyticsCertificate52.1399
Logistics and Global OperationsCertificate52.0203
Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementCertificate52.0203
Event ManagementCertificate52.0901
Country Club and Sports ManagementCertificate52.0901
Art Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1302
Autism Spectrum Disorder EndorsementNon-Degree13.1013
Drama Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1324
Elementary Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1202
Gifted Education EndorsementNon-Degree13.1004
Instructional Coaching EndorsementNon-Degree13.0301
Middle Grades Education – Language Arts – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1305
Middle Grades Education – Mathematics – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1311
Middle Grades Education – Natural Science – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1316
Middle Grades Education – Social Science – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1203
Music Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1312
Education Leadership – Tier I –
Certification Only or Add-on to
Curriculum and Instruction EDS
Education Leadership – Tier II –
Certification Only
Secondary Broadfield Science Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1316
Secondary English Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1305
Secondary History Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1328
Secondary Mathematics Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1311
Special Education – Certification OnlyNon-Degree13.1001