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Travel Study

Domestic and international Travel Study opportunities are open to all Piedmont undergraduates in good standing. These Travel Study experiences enrich students' cultural awareness, understanding of the global environment, and individual academic programs.  

Travel Study Program

Since the inception of the Travel Study program, more than 500 Piedmont students and 25 full-time faculty members have traveled together around the world. In recent years, students have enriched their academic programs with planned study in Germany, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, and Scotland. Domestic trips have taken students to the US Southwest, Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, California, and Alaska. Typically, faculty and students travel during May for 7-14 days, depending on the location for the trip, returning in time for the first summer session.

We hope that all Piedmont College undergraduates will experience the advantage of Travel Study at least once.