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Harry W. Walker School of Business

The Harry W. Walker School of Business prepares engaged learners for successful careers by offering undergraduate and graduate business programs of distinction, delivered by a talented and caring faculty, with an emphasis on academic rigor, ethical integrity, individual attention, and performance excellence.

Harry W. Walker School of Business Goals

Students graduating with an undergraduate business degree will have developed:

  • A working knowledge of the functional areas of business
  • An ability to use critical thinking skills
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • A clear perception of business ethics



Kastner (’03, MBA ’06) of Gainesville received a University of North Georgia Presidential Innovation Award to study agile project management and its applications in marketing. Kastner is the marketing manager for the College of Business at UNG.


Concentration in Accounting

The Accounting concentration provides a doorway to many career opportunities both within and outside of accounting. The degree may lead to certification as a public accountant or certified management accountant and will prepare graduates for employment in the manufacturing and service industries as well as for government service. A background in accounting is also an excellent foundation for graduate school in business or law.

Concentration in Data Science

The Data Science concentration focuses on how businesses gather data to create useful business models. Designed for students who are strong in math and computer technology—who also think creatively—it is the perfect program for students who want to work on a degree in business and a minor in mathematics.

Concentration in Finance

The finance concentration helps students develop the solid foundation in financial principles and practices valued by successful business professionals. Students develop their analytical skills, study the role of financial institutions and markets in the global economy, and explore the use of financial management tools and techniques in the overall strategic management of the firm. The study of finance prepares students for careers in commercial and investment banking, corporation finance, investment analysis and management, and financial analysis. This concentration also provides sound preparation for graduate study.

Concentration in General Business

The general business concentration is designed for students wishing to obtain a broad exposure to several functional areas of modern business. Electives should be chosen with the student's specific career goals in mind. This concentration also prepares students for graduate study.

Concentration in Hospitality & Tourism Management

With an economic impact of $60 billion annually, hospitality and tourism is the second-largest industry in the state of Georgia. Career opportunities abound. Piedmont’s Hospitality & Tourism Management (HSTM) Program blends thoughtful classroom learning with the real-world experience that will help you grow and thrive in this fast-growing field.

Concentration in Management

The management concentration provides students with a broad set of skills, knowledge, and perspectives to pursue careers in a variety of organizations and industries. The management concentration provides a solid foundation for graduate study in MBA programs or law school. The management concentration focuses on topics fundamental to the success of leaders and organizations.

Concentration in Marketing

The study of marketing explores the dynamic processes in which persons and organizations anticipate and satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Students develop an understanding of the concepts and functions of marketing, including an appreciation of consumer orientation and the refinement of the skills and abilities needed to analyze and formulate marketing strategies. This concentration is particularly relevant to the student planning a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, brand management, and marketing research. This concentration also prepares students for graduate study.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)  Quality Assurance Report

The Walker School of Business received national accreditation in November 2007 from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for both the undergraduate and graduate business programs.  ACBSP’s mission is to establish, promote, and recognize education programs, teaching of business courses, and student learning outcomes in colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad.

Stories & Highlights

What’s Piedmont’s brand?

A senior business administration major, Mallory Newsome describes Piedmont's brand as "community-centered and tight-knit."

While that is her perception, Newsome, a native of St. Augustine, Florida, wanted to know what other students, specifically graduate students, think.

As part of a research project Newsome and five other undergraduate students, interviewed a handful of graduate school students this fall through focus groups. What do you think of when you hear the words 'graduate school'? What images come to mind when you think of graduate school at Piedmont?

"The goal of this research is to pinpoint when, where, and how Piedmont interacts with potential graduate students," said Newsome. "We wanted to gain insight about where and how this process should be improved to gain turn more prospective graduate students into Piedmont graduate students."

Other students participating in the research, which is part of Professor Susanna Warnock’s class on qualitative analysis were Aleea Bishop, Rowan Bumpass, Rachel Irby, Eric Lopez, and Carson Porterfield.

The groups' findings will be presented at the Piedmont Research Innovation Discovery Exhibition (P.R.I.D.E.) April 17 in the Swanson Center for the Performing Arts. In all, more than 60 students will present posters, discuss research and perform works of music and theatre at the day-long event. MORE INFO

A Heartfelt Story: The Story of Morgan Rolston & Dr. Steve Carlson

Morgan Rolston faced real-life health issues and a heart surgery in 2017. With the help of Dr. Steve Carlson and other faculty, she was still able to manage the rigor of her studies, and went on to win a national award. READ MORE