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Piedmont College Theatre Department 2020-2021 Season

Tickets for all shows will go on sale starting late August. Check back for details or follow us on Facebook


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Trojan Women Streaming Weekend

Directed by Bill Gabelhausen

Stream the Piedmont College Theatre September 2020 performance of Trojan Women. The performance will be available to watch on an unlimited basis over a four day period, October 14-18. You can watch as many times as you like over the four days from the comfort of home. Invite friends and family to join you and make it an event.

Trojan Women is widely considered the greatest anti-war play ever written, it remains both timeless and timely, a poignant meditation on the aftermath of battle. The play revolves around Hecuba, the fallen queen of Troy, and her grief at the loss of her city and her family at the conclusion of the Trojan War. The former Queen has her daughter, Cassandra, by her side along with her daughter-in-law, Andromache. Enter Helen of Troy, the cause of the war, as she pleads for her life to her husband Menelaus. Through dance and music, the chorus of enslaved Trojan women mirror the sorrow of the loss of Troy and ultimately their own freedom.

October 15 - 18, 2020, Mainstage Theater 


The Edge of Peace

Directed by Kathy Blandin

With a sense of hope, humor, and longing, The Edge of Peace will inspire audiences of all ages. It is set during the final days of World War II in 1945 in Ware, Illinois. This moving show examines the impact of a beloved son being declared MIA on a family and a community. Simultaneously, a German prisoner of war escapes from a nearby camp, and there is concern that Nell Hicks, the local healer and scapegoat, is listening to German radio broadcasts. Can this community survive these times of fear and frustration? The Edge of Peace is the third and final play in Suzan Zeder’s acclaimed Ware trilogy. It is the perfect work of theatre to honor the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.

November 19th-22nd, Mainstage Theater


Directed by Bill Gabelhausen

In a Maine coastal village toward the end of the 19th century, the swaggering, carefree carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, captivates and marries the gentle millworker, Julie Jordan. Billy loses his job just as he learns that Julie is pregnant and, desperately intent upon providing a decent life for his family, he is coerced into being an accomplice to a robbery. Caught in the act and facing the certainty of prison, he takes his own life and is sent 'up there.' Billy is allowed to return to earth for one day fifteen years later, and he encounters the daughter he never knew. She is a lonely, friendless teenager, her father's reputation as a thief and bully having haunted her throughout her young life. How Billy instills in both the child and her mother a sense of hope and dignity is a dramatic testimony to the power of love. Show dates and location remain the same.

February 18th-21st, Mainstage Theater


1959 Pink Thunderbird

Directed by John Spiegel

James McClure’s 1959 Pink Thunderbird, a combination of two one-act plays, examines the lives of small-town Texas during the post-Vietnam era. This unique theatre experience begins with the one-act play Laundry and Bourbon, which explores the lives of three women - Elizabeth, Hattie, and Amy Lee. They meet daily on the front porch to fold laundry, sip bourbon, and discuss the local gossip. On this particular day, the gossip about Elizabeth’s husband could send her world spinning, but through her bitter humor we witness her inner strength and her quiet understanding of the turmoil which has beset her husband since his return from Vietnam.

In Lone Star, the one-act play comprising the second half of 1959 Pink Thunderbird, we meet Roy, Ray, and Cletis, the men of this same, small-town Texas neighborhood. Set in the backyard of a local bar, Roy is back in town after serving in Vietnam and regaling Ray, his younger brother, with his military exploits. Enter Cletis with news that turns everyone’s world upside down, and hilarity ensues. This look at small-town life is sure to bring a smile of recognition to everyone’s face.

April 15th-18th, Mainstage Theater