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Student Health Response Protocol

As advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Institutions of higher education (IHE), working together with local health departments, have an important role in slowing the spread of diseases, and protecting vulnerable students, staff, and faculty to help ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

We are all eager to resume normal operations.  The quicker we can minimize the spread of the virus nationally, the quicker we can return to more normal interactions.  To do our best to care for the health and wellbeing of our Piedmont College community, the following action plan has been established to formalize our responsibility to slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Recognize: Students are expected to monitor their health on a daily basis.  Proper monitoring includes identifying symptoms recognized by the CDC as being related to COVID-19
  2. Report: Students who are experiencing symptoms on the CDC symptom list should go to, select the menu in the top left corner, select get help and select the “I think I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.”
  3. Response:  Piedmont personnel will work with the student to identify an appropriate action plan.  Action plans may include some or all of the following actions:
    1. COVID-19 testing
    2. Medical attention/treatment
    3. Quarantining/Isolating (on and off-campus)
    4. Academic Accommodations
    5. Residential Accommodations
    6. Sanitation Regime
    7. Medical clearance

We know it is likely many students will be impacted by COVID-19.  Each student will be treated with care and concern and the Student Health Response Protocol will be unique to the student taking into consideration their health, their academic success, and any possible virus spread. 

We appreciate the support of all Piedmont College Lions in recognizing their role in helping us return to regular collegiate activities and campus life by honoring the Piedmont Pledge and following the Student Health Response Protocol listed above.

We can do this, let’s do it together!