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Strategic Planning

GOAL 1 - People       

Piedmont College will attract and retain students, faculty, and staff, and engage alumni and friends by

  1. Providing experiences with the college that inspire in all constituents a lifelong affinity with the institution;
  2. Supporting faculty scholarship, professional growth, and service to meet the changing needs of its students and programs; and
  3. Cultivating an environment in which administrative and professional staff are supported and encouraged to enhance their leadership and service to the college and community.

GOAL 2 – Programs

Piedmont College will ensure educational excellence through curricular and co-curricular programs which enable student success by:

  1. Offering traditional and innovative academic programs that are rigorous in content and flexibility in real-world application;
  2. Educating the whole student through co-curricular programs, extra-curricular activities, and experiential learning; and
  3. Providing students with the resources to achieve their academic goals in a timely fashion and meet learning outcomes in their degree programs.

GOAL 3 - Visibility and Profile

Piedmont College will strengthen existing affiliations and forge new relationships regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Goal 4 – Financial Stability

Piedmont College will identify and leverage an optimal mix of revenue sources to ensure long-term success and sustainability.


Goal 5 – Facilities

Piedmont College will expand, repurpose, and renovate facilities as needed.


Goal 6 – Information Technology

Piedmont College will ensure our information technology resources meet the needs of a modern college population.


Goal 7 – Quality Assurance

Piedmont College will fulfill its mission and its plan for the future by continually assessing and refining college-wide goals and unit-specific strategies which set standards of excellence, measure achievement, and make improvements that lead to distinction.


Mission and Core values approved by the Faculty, April 17, 3013; reaffirmed October 31, 2018.

Vision approved by the Board of Trustees on October 19, 2018.

Vision approved by the Faculty on October 31, 2018.

Strategic Plan approved by the Faculty, April 16, 2014

Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Trustees, April 25, 2014

Strategic Plan reviewed and revised by the Board of Trustees, October 20, 2017