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Sociology & Anthropology Courses

The major in Sociology & Anthropology consists of 33 hours (11 courses). For information, go to the current catalog.

Required Courses

SOCI 1101. Introduction To Sociology
SOCI 3300. Classical Social Theory
SOCI 3302. Contemporary Social Theory   Or SOCI 3304. Feminist Theories  Or POSC 3340. Political Ideologies 
SOSC 3310. Research Methods and Analysis
SOSC 4480. Senior Seminar
MATH 2100. Elementary Statistics

Electives: Select five additional courses from the following list:

SOCI 2210. Social and Cultural Problems
SOCI 3330. Police and Society
SOCI 3331. Juvenile Justice 
SOCI 3335. History, Memory and the Holocaust
SOCI 3350. Marriage and the Family
SOCI 3355. Society, Politics, and the Cinema: Film as Sociology
SOCI 3357. Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
SOCI 3375. Social and Cultural Change
SOCI 3390. Deviant Behavior
SOSC 3398. Internship
SOCI 4410. Ethnic and Racial Minorities
SOCI 4420. Structured Social Inequity
SOCI 4450. Family Violence
SOCI 4475. Selected Topics
PSYC 3303. Social Psychology