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Residence Life Policy & Forms

Residential Policy

All Piedmont College students must live in the residence halls except the following:

  • Married, divorced, or widowed students or students with dependents. Because of the limited housing space, we do not usually allow for couples to live on campus.
  • Students living at the primary residence of their parents or legal guardian in Habersham,Banks, Hall, Rabun, Stephens, Towns, or White counties (with the exception of student athletes).
  • Students who are 21 years of age on the first day of registration for the fall term (with the exception of athletes).
ALL Piedmont College athletes are required to live on campus.

Residence Life Forms

Newly accepted students must fill out the following forms:

Mandatory Immunization Information:


Hall & Room Assignments

How do we assign student rooms? We assign students rooms based on available spaces according to the date when the Residence Hall Application and deposit are received and on the number of credit hours accumulated. All roommate requests must be mutual. Every attempt will be made to honor roommate requests, but they are not guaranteed. Piedmont prides itself on making every effort to match students with roommates who share like interests and hope to create life-long relationships.
How are rooms assigned after the freshmen year? Current students will be allowed to choose their fall residence hall placement during the Spring Semester. A $100 fee is required, prior to sign up, and will be applied to the Fall housing charges. If the room assignment is cancelled any time prior to taking occupancy, the housing fee will be forfeited to the college.