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Residence Life FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait until obtaining information from other schools before sending back their application? 

No, there is a limited amount of space within our residence halls. We encourage students to apply as soon as they can.

Can I request my roommate as a freshman? 

Of course, if there is someone that a student knows and would feel comfortable with, then we would love to accommodate them as much as we can. We do ask that they make sure that the person that they are requesting is in the same classification until they reach sophomore status, which is 30 credit hours.

Can I change roommates after one has been assigned to me? 

Yes, it is possible for roommates to be changed. We do ask that all students give their living arrangement a 3-week trial period before we permit a change.

Where do freshmen live? 

Currently, we have two primary freshmen residence halls: Purcell and Getman-Babcock (GB).

What is a suitemate? 

A suitemate is the person that the resident will share a bathroom or common area with. Their room is usually connected by a bathroom or living area.

Are there residence halls specifically for athletes?

No, we do not typically separate our students by sport, though we try to match all of our students up by personal interest. If a student requests to be placed with another athlete, we try to place them in the same suite or at least on the same hall.

Is there an age limit to live on campus? 

Though there is no official age limit to our residence hall students, we do ask that all residential students be at least 18   years old and under 25 years old.

What is an RA and a RD? 

A Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for creating a positive living environment for their hall or floor. The RA reports to the Resident Director (RD), who is in charge of the entire residence hall.

Where do I wash my clothes? 

Each residence hall has on-site washing facilities which are free for the students to use.

Can I bring my car my first year?

Yes, students are able to bring cars their first year. Each student will receive a car decal that will identify their residence hall and where they will be able to park.

Do students have a curfew? 

Students do not have a set curfew, but we do ask that all students respect Piedmont visitation policies within the halls.

What is the policy on overnight guests? 

Students may have same-sex overnight guests over the age of 19. We ask that the guest not stay more than three consecutive nights and that the student notifies their Resident Director at least 24 hours in advance.