Athens Symposium Schedule

The 4th Annual Piedmont Symposium is an event to showcase undergraduate research and creative inquiry projects that Piedmont students have completed. This year, Symposium will feature a live delivery format for both Athens & Demorest campuses, on April 6 as well as a virtual exhibit which can be viewed up to a month after the event concludes. Students will attend Symposium in place of classes: normal class attendance will be taken on the day of the event. Questions can be submitted to


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Session One

12:15-1:15 p.m.
Athens 207
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Veronica GriffinThe Use of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Pediatric Oncology for Improvement of Symptoms and Quality of LifeKaye Dawson
Brittany VangImpact of Correcting Inhaler Techniques in Pediatric Patients with AsthmaKaye Dawson
Caleigh GodwinMedical Marijuana for EpilepsyKaye Dawson
Ellie BrightwellSeverity and Mortality Comparison of COVID-19 in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated AdultsKaye Dawson
Athens 310
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Avery SpartlinThe Impact of Breastfeeding on Childhood Obesity RiskJaime Johnson-Huff
Sarah SudduthThe Use of Toy-Mediated Distraction as an Effective Pain Management Tool in Toddler VaccinationJaime Johnson-Huff
Sydni GreerAre Outcomes Improved in Pregnant Women Who Received the COVID-19 Vaccination?Jaime Johnson-Huff
Anslee WebbBeyond the Physical: Psychosocial Effects of COVID-19 on School-Aged Children Jaime Johnson-Huff
Athens 313
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Haley AyersIn hospital nurses, does antibacterial foam decrease bacteria count on hands as much as hand washing with soap and water?Elizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Benjamin ColcloughEfficacy of Stellate Nerve Block in Treating Ventricular TachycardiaElizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Jessica PolingIn Mothers of Preterm Neonates, Would an Increased Focus on Psychosocial  Need Reduce the Impact of Toxic Stress?Elizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Reed SkeltonAre nicotine-vapes a prospective candidate for nicotine replacement in smoking cessation therapy Elizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier


Session Two

1:20-2:20 p.m.
Athens 207
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Searcy NorrisCare Team Huddles in Pediatric Patients Anthonia Anukam
Ashley ColeControl Over Schedule and Job SatisfactoryKaye Dawson
McKinsey WalkerOral & Non-oral Hormonal Contraceptive Methods and Thrombus Formation in Women Less than 50Anthonia Anukam
Tsion GutaBullying in Nursing Anthonia Anukam
Athens 310
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Abigale MontgomeryPICO Analysis: Disability Awareness Training for Healthcare ProfessionalsJaime Johnson-Huff
Hanna PetersProper Mouth Care on Intubated Patients Can Help Lead to a Decrease in InfectionJaime Johnson-Huff
Emily McCarttPeanut Allergy: Is the Problem the Solution? Jaime Johnson-Huff
Lara MastersPatient Violence Towards NursesJaime Johnson-Huff
Athens 313
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Whitney McCormackEarly Mobilization of Critical Care PatientsMarcella Davis
Maceyka MastinIs Music Therapy the New Stress Reliever?Marcella Davis
Taylor CoileEffects of Pet Therapy on Nursing Home and Assisted Living ResidentsMarcella Davis
Bethany DuttonDoes Eat, Sleep, Console Approach improve outcomes in NAS babies vs. Finnegan?  Marcella Davis


Session Three

2:25-3:25 p.m.
Athens 310
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Lauren Lowe and Harlee YarbroughHand Sanitizer vs. Antibacterial Soap: Which is better? Julia Schmitz
Ali PowellToxic Shock Syndrome Julia Schmitz
Katy OgleSalmonella Julia Schmitz
Whitley WardH. Pylori Julia Schmitz
Athens 313
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Emily OldhamThe Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Pediatric Oncology Patients and their FamiliesJaime Johnson-Huff
Anna MortonHow the Use of Music Therapy Shortens an Intubated Patient’s Length of Intubation Jaime Johnson-Huff
Kaleigh RobertsonMental Health Crises in Nursing Students: The Student Becomes the Patient Anthonia Anukam


Session Four

3:30-4:30 p.m.
Athens 207
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Morgan WilliamsTitle: P.B.I.S. Positive Behavioral Interventions and SupportsSusan Winstead
Claire DempseyBuilding Community in the Classroom Leslie Jones
Lauren ConleyHow Teachers Can Support Students in the Foster Care SystemKelly Land
Allie DunnMovement in the Classroom Leslie Jones
Melissa DardenMedical TourismJulia Schmitz
Athens 310
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Ashley Arnold-BaughnsMaggot Debridement Therapy in Diabetic Patients with Decubitus UlcersMarcella Davis
Jessie GillespieStudent Nurses and The Education Preparedness of Patient DeathMarcella Davis
Chelsea PitockBenefits of Mammograms Marcella Davis
Katleen De La CruzDoes Simulation Education Improve the Transcultural Self-efficacy and Cultural Competence of Nursing Students?Marcella Davis
Athens 313
Student NamesPresentation TitleSponsor
Travis McCartImproving On A Negative: How Social Skills Training Can Help SchizophrenicsElizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Casey EllisCovid-19’s Impact On Nurses’ Mental Health Elizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Madi JeterHow are Patient Outcomes Affected When Massage Therapy is Utilized Compared to Standard/Traditional Treatment in Cancer Patients? Elizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier
Anna OwenbyThe Relationship between Patient Care and Nurse to Patient RatioElizabeth Baugus-Wellmeier