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Psychology Courses

All psychology majors and minors take a group of basic core courses. In addition, they have the opportunity to plan their own individualized program of study. In consultation with their faculty advisor, they will take courses best suited to their particular interests and future goals. They retain the freedom to decide their own course of study and, of course, the ultimate responsibility for their decisions.

The major in psychology consists of 45 hours (15 courses) beyond general education.

Required Courses

PSYC 1101. General Psychology
PSYC 2202. Intro to Research Methods and Statistics
PSYC 4401. History & Systems
PSYC 4495. Advanced Experimental Psychology (Senior Seminar)
MATH 2100. Elementary Statistics

Three from the following:

PSYC 2290. Human Growth and Development
PSYC 3360. Sensation and Perception
PSYC 3380. Psychology of Learning
PSYC 4410. Cognitive Psychology

Two from the following:

PSYC 3303. Social Psychology
PSYC 3381. Theories of Personality
PSYC 4415. Abnormal Psychology

And any five of the following:

Human Sexuality
Psychology of Childhood and Early Adolescence
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Adolescence
Psychology of Adulthood
Introduction to Counseling
Tests and Measurements
Environmental Psychology
Internship in Social Services