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Program Outcomes (CHEA)


  • The Walker School of Business pursues the mission and values of Piedmont college by preparing engaged learners for successful careers.  We engage learners by offering undergraduate and graduate business programs of distinction, delivered by a talented and caring faculty, with an emphasis on academic rigor, ethical integrity, individual attention and performance excellence.
  • We offer an undergraduate program for students who are seeking a career in business for the first time or those who wish to change careers.  The Walker School of Business offers a graduate program (M.B.A.) for students who wish to enhance their chances for promotion.
  • How do we verify that these programs, as designed and delivered, serve the interests of students who elect to major in business administration or pursue a masters degree in business administration at Piedmont College?
  • Accrediting bodies tend to focus on the question: did the student learn the material that made up the curriculum (student learning outcomes)?    
  • Governmental agencies tend to focus on the question of job market relevance – did the graduate get a job in their major?   This is especially relevant to 2-year trade school type programs.  
  • We think the most relevant question in 4-year and graduate programs is: did the graduate learn the relevant knowledge and skills for career success in the labor market they chose to enter?  
  • Therefore, the must relevant data would be the experiences of our graduates after they have spent a few years in the workplace.  We refer to the findings from our alumni surveys as Impact Analysis.  Impact analysis represents the “so what” of achieving student learning outcomes.



Undergraduate Assessment Value Chain

MBA Assessment Value Chain