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Physics Courses

The major requires 67 hours beyond general education requirements. For more information, go to the current catalog.

Required Physics and Math Courses

PHYS 2110. General Physics I
PHYS 2120. General Physics II
PHYS 3100. Classical Mechanics
PHYS 3200. Modern Physics
PHYS 3300. Thermal and Statistical Physics
PHYS 3010. Advanced Physics Lab I
PHYS 3020. Advanced Physics Lab II
PHYS 3990. Philosophy and Methodology of Science
PHYS 4100. Materials
PHYS 4400. Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 4500. Fluids
PHYS 4600. Circuits
PHYS 4800. Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4950. Science Seminar
PHYS 4980. Senior Research
MATH 2450. Calculus I
MATH 2460. Calculus II
MATH 2470. Calculus III
MATH 3000. Introduction to Differential Equations


In addition, 12 hours of math courses numbered 3000 or above are required.