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Meet Your Advisor

Have you had the opportunity to meet your Advisor?

Your admissions advisor is determined by your campus preference, location and student type. If you know your advisor's name, select to the left or choose a campus below.

to Demorest admissions advisors

Welcome to Piedmont College's Demorest campus, which includes 280 acres comprised of 30 buildings and athletic fields. Each fall semester, Piedmont welcomes approximately 1,000 undergraduates and houses almost 700 students at the Demorest campus. In addition, another 1,000 graduate students enroll in Piedmont's graduate programs in business and education.

To Athens advisor Michelle Leach

Welcome to Piedmont College's Athens campus on Prince Avenue in Athens, Ga., 50 miles south of Demorest. The Athens campus recently expanded its facilities and academic programs to include new four-year programs for undergraduate students, and it continues to offer graduate programs in business and education.