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Math Education Courses

Required Non-content Courses

EDUC 1199. Introduction To Education
EDUC 3355. Exceptional Children
EDUC 4497. Classroom Management
EDSE 3301. Secondary Methods
EDSE 3335. Science Methods 6-12
ENGL 4440. Reading and Writing in the Content Fields
PSYC 3311. Psychology of Adolescence

Apprenticeship Sequence

EDSE 4400 Facilitating Learning and Assessment I
EDSE 4401 Facilitating Learning and Assessment II
EDSE 4498 Apprentice Teaching I
EDSE 4499 Apprentice Teaching II

Content Courses

MATH 2100. Elementary Statistics
MATH 2300. Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2450. Calculus I
MATH 2460 Calculus II
MATH 2470. Calculus III
MATH 3550. Linear Algebra
MATH 3600. Abstract Algebra Or MATH 3400 Number Theory
MATH 3700. Geometry
MATH 4500. History and Development of Mathematics
MATH 4950 Directed Independent Research

Also At Least Two of the Following Seven Courses

MATH 3000. Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 3300. Probability and Statistics
MATH 3500. Elementary Numerical Methods
MATH 4100. Mathematical Modeling
MATH 4350. Advanced Studies in Mathematics
MATH 4600. Real Analysis
MATH 4700 Complex Analysis