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Mass Communications Courses

The rapidly evolving world of mass media affects our lives on a daily basis. New technologies are creating a global network of ideas, information and industries.

The objectives of Piedmont College’s program of study in mass communications as offered by Piedmont College are: (1) to provide students with a basic understanding of television, radio and Internet broadcasting, advertising and promotion, communications networks, journalism, and the effects of media on society; (2) to provide students with the knowledge to work successfully in organizations utilizing mass media technologies and developing mass media content; and (3) to prepare students for graduate studies in mass communications.

Mass Communications Foundations

MCOM 1500 Mass Media Survey
MCOM 2200 Media Writing I
MCOM 2300 Media Writing II
MCOM 2400 Video Production I
MCOM 2500 Audio Production I
MCOM 3200 Web/Social Media Design
MCOM 3700 Advertising and Communications
MCOM 3800 Media Management
MCOM 3850 Mass Communication Theory and Research
MCOM 4200 Telecommunications & Globalization
MCOM 4300 Communications Law and Ethics
MCOM 4900 Professional Development in Mass Communications
MCOM 4999 Advanced Studies in Mass Media
  Total Credit Hours: 37

Mass Communications Electives

Students must choose 9 credit hours from the following courses:

MCOM 2250 Copyediting and Design
MCOM 2275 Photojournalism
MCOM 2350 Advanced Writing and Reporting
MCOM 3001-3010 Practicum
MCOM 3050 Mass Media Internship
MCOM 3100 Special Topics in Mass Media
MCOM 3150 Entertainment Television
MCOM 3250 Advanced Technologies for Media
MCOM 3300 Media, Society, and Technology
MCOM 3400 Video Production II
MCOM 3450 Editing & Graphics for TV and Film
MCOM 3500 Audio Production II
MCOM 3600 Announcing for Radio and TV
MCOM 3650 Sportscasting
MCOM 3750 Electronic Media Sales and Programming
MCOM 3900 Public Relations and Branding
  Total Credit Hours: 9

Notice: MCOM 3001-3010: Practicums can be repeated with approval of a mass communications faculty advisor. The practicum requires 30 hours of documented work and a paper.