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History Education Courses

The major requires 71 hours, beyond the general education requirements, comprised of the following courses.  In order to successfully complete this program, students must be admitted to the teacher education program and adhere to all of the requirements.

Required Non-Content Courses

EDUC 1199. Introduction to Education
EDUC 3355. Exceptional Children
EDUC 4497. Classroom Management
EDSE 3301. Secondary Methods
EDSE 3334. Social Science Methods  6-12
ENGL 4440. Reading and Writing in the Content Fields
PSYC 3311. Psychology of Adolescence

Apprenticeship Series

EDSE 4400. Facilitating Learning and Assessment I
EDSE 4401. Facilitating Learning and Assessment II
EDSE 4498. Apprentice Teaching I
EDSE 4499. Apprentice teaching I

Content Courses

HIST 1111. World History to the Mid-17th Century
HIST 1112. World History Since the Mid-17th Century
EDUC 3333. Geography for Teachers
EDUC 3306. Economics for Teachers
HIST 2212. U.S. History Since 1912
HIST 2280. Introduction to Historiography
HIST 3301. U.S. History to 1836
HIST 3302. U.S. History 1836-1912
HIST 3330. History of Georgia
HIST Electives (which address state (GPS) and NCSS Standards pertaining to non-Western and non-european courses)
POST 3315. Georgia Politics
POST 3340. Political Ideologies
POST 3350. Governmental Institutions