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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students' values.

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Jeff Bruns

Professor, Business & Associate Dean

Steve Carlson

Professor, Business

Katy Coker

Administrative Assistant, Walker School of Business

Kim Lovell

Fellow in Business

Sandra Maughon

Senior Fellow, Business

Phillip Moery

Fellow in Business

Jennica Moore

Associate Professor of Business

Keith Nelms

Professor of Business

Mark Newton

Senior Fellow in Business

Brunilda Ruiz

Administrative Assistant, Registrar & Walker School of Business


Margaret Ryder

Director of Athens Walker School of Business Operations & Associate Professor, Business & Associate Dean

Morgan Sales

Assistant Professor, Business

Gerald Sullivan

Professor, Business

Edward Taylor

Dean, Walker School of Business & Professor of Business

J. Kerry Waller

Dean, School of Business

Susanna Warnock

Associate Professor of Business