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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students' values.

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Tabatha Anderson

Associate Professor, Nursing & Associate Dean

Beth Baugus-Wellmeier

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Julia Behr

Dean, R.H. Daniel School of Nursing & Health Sciences & Professor of Nursing

Paul Braum

Assistant Professor of Cardiovasculare Technology & Director of Cardiovascular Technology

Laura Darby

Assistant Professor, Nurisng

Marcella Davies

Associate Professor of Nursing

Abbey Dondanville

Program Director & Professor of Athletic Training & Associate Dean of Health Sciences

Maria Dye

Professor of Nursing

Jeremy Fouts

Associate Professor of Health Sciences & Coordinator of Clinical Education

Chanda Gastley

Associate Professor, Nursing

Karen Greilich

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kathy Harris

Nursing Instructor

Jaime Johnson-Huff

Professor, Nursing & Associate Dean

Christine Kaiser

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Jennifer Kelley

Assistant Professor of Nursing

John Koshuta

Assistant Professor of Nursing & Health Sciences