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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students' values.

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Benjamin Andrews

Assistant Professor, Education Doctorate & Quantitative Research Methodologist

Marilyn Berrong

Professor of Education

Jennifer Betz

Associate Professor of Education

Katherine Breithaupt

Regional Program Coordinator & Professor of Education

Lisa Brookshire

Faculty Services and Budget Manager for the School of Education

Angela Humphrey Brown

Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondary Education Program in Athens

Athens Operations

John E. Carmack

Director, Data Resource Management & Professor, Business

Elias Clinton

Associate Professor, Education

Isabelle Crowder

Associate Professor of Education

Clay Crowder

Chair, Education Specialist Department & Associate Professor of Education

Kenyon Gannon

Director of Academic Technology & Distance Learning

Academic Affairs

Kimberly Griffin

Associate Professor of Education and Regional Program Coordinator

Kate Guthrie

Assistant Professor, Doctoral Studies & Qualitative Research Methodologist

Keri Hurney

Officer, Certification

Leslie Barrett Jones

Assistant Professor, Education