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Engineering Physics Courses

Required Courses

MATH 2450. Calculus I;
MATH 2460. Calculus II
MATH 2470. Calculus III
MATH 3000. Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 3550. Linear Algebra
PHYS 2110. General Physics I
PHYS 2120. General Physics II
PHYS 3010. Adv Physics Lab I
PENG 2000. Engineering Statics

Any two PHY 300 or higher courses (except PHY 4600 Circuits)

CHEM 1101. General Chemistry I 
CLAB 1101. General Chemistry I 
Lab PHIL (RELG) 3305. Ethics 
CSCI 1371. Computer Programming 

The following courses must be taken as part of the general education requirements: 

HIST 1111. World History To The Mid 17th Century
HIST 1112. World History Since The Mid 17th Century
POSC 1101. American Government

Students will also need the following to meet Georgia Tech requirements:

BUSA 1210. Principles of Economics