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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students' values.

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Kimberly Griffin

Associate Professor of Education and Regional Program Coordinator

Kate Guthrie

Visiting Assistant Professor, Education Research

Randall Hollandsworth

Associate Professor of Education & Coordinator, Graduate Programs in Instructional Technology

Keri Hurney

Officer, Certification

Wilma Hutcheson-Williams

Associate Professor of Education 

Leslie Barrett Jones

Program Data & Advisory Board Coordinator, Instructor

Kelly Land

Assistant Professor of Education & Coordinator of Clinical Experiences

Tad MacMillan

Visiting Assistant Professor

RD Nordgren

Dean, School of Education & Professor of Education

William Nye

Associate Professor of Education & STEM Discover Center Director

Lynn Rambo

Associate Professor of Education & Chair, Department of Secondary Education

Betty Rogers

Professor of Mathematics Education

Karen Samuelsen

Professor of Education and Director of Research Approval, Athens Campus

J. Michael Shirley

Professor of Education

Katrina Short

Chair of Middle Grades Education Department and Associate Professor

Daniel Smith

Dissertation Support Specialist & Senior Fellow in Education