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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students' values.

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Scott Eagle

Lab Coordinator

Jackie Ellett

Associate Professor, Art Education

Ryan Franklin

Assistant Professor of History

Mike Friedline

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Tony Frye

Associate Professor of Political Science & Chair, Social Sciences

William Gabelhausen

Chair of the Department of Theatre and Associate Professor of Theatre

LaKeisha Gantt

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Jennifer Gilstrap

Instructor, English

Wallace Hinson

Director, Conservatory of Music & Associate Dean of Fine Arts

Nathan Holt

Assistant Professor of Physics

Melissa Jackson

Mass Communications Fellow

Steven Jacobs

Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences & Associate Professor of Sociology

Henry Johnson

Associate Professor of Theatre

Chris Kelly

Chair of Art Department and Associate Professor of Art

Beth Lovern

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Timothy Lytle

Professor of Philosophy and Religion