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Science & STEM eLearning Resources

Georgia Science Teacher Association – GSE Science Phenomena Bank

The GSE Science Phenomena Bank is a bank of phenomena ideas aligned to the Georgia State Standards. Please consider adding to the phenomena bank and joining the GSTA.

GSTA collection of online science teaching resources:

The Concord Consortium – Resources for Online Learning

The Concord Consortium provides free, scientifically accurate virtual labs

Gwinnett County Public Schools – Fourth Nine Weeks Digital Ideas

This collection of resources from the GCPS science team focuses on the fourth nine weeks of their science curriculum.

Flipgrid is an idea sharing platform allowing students to share short videos of themselves discussing, explaining, asking questions and more. The possibilities are endless! Remote Learning with Flipgrid page.

Mystery Science
Mystery Science is a K-5 video learning platform that features "Doug" explaining many science topics, with breaks in the videos that allow students and parents to discuss science concepts. A great place to start is their School Closure Planning page, which features a number of video lessons listed by grade level.  Mystery Science lessons are organized into grade levels according to National Science Standards which do not always line up with the grade level standards of the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

NEWSELA provides current event news articles that can be adjusted to fit your students' Lexile levels.  NEWSELA is now offering FREE access to their entire suite of products for the remainder of the school year in order to help teachers maintain remote learning opportunities for their students.  NEWSELA is able to seamlessly share articles and discussion/writing prompts with students through Google Classroom.  A great place to learn more about NEWSELA is by visiting their COVID-19 Resource Page.

CK-12 is a California based non-profit providing a free online textbook/review platform for K-12 Science, Math, and ELA.  I created a free account using my Google Account about 9 months ago, and have used the resource a few times to find relevant close reading passages for science lessons.  Again, the grade level content may not always align exactly with the grade level content of the Georgia Standards of Excellence, but feel free to reach out with questions on this topic.  CK-12 has been producing webinars to help educators learn more about setting up and maintaining remote learning classrooms.  Learn more about CK-12 by visiting their Remote Learning Resource page.