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Education Careers

The School of Education prepares candidates for roles as classroom teachers to work in preschool through grade twelve in both public and private school settings.  However, there is more one can do with a degree in education…

In addition to being a teacher, individuals with undergraduate degrees in education may also wish to pursue other related careers, including human services, educational publishing, museums, galleries, or teaching in private schools.

Graduate Degrees Provide More Opportunities

Experienced educators come to Piedmont College to enhance their skills in teaching and learning but also to prepare for leadership roles in school settings…as an instructional coach, team leaders, department head, or curriculum specialist.
Graduates of the master’s degree programs in Instructional Technology can pursue cutting-edge technology positions in schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses and serve as school or district-level technology coordinators, or as instructional designers, consultants, or corporate trainers.

Individuals who complete the Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction are qualified to serve as Curriculum Coordinators at either the school or district level.  Additionally, some go on to take positions as professors in colleges or universities.