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Drama Education Courses

 Required Theatre Courses

THTR 1150.Technical Theater practicum or THTR 1151. Acting Practicum
THTR 2205. Fundamentals of Technical Theater
THTR 2210. Fundamentals of Acting
THTR 2230. Children's Theater
THTR 3301. Theater History I
THTR 3302. Theatre History II
THED 3400. Drama Education
THTR 4410. Fundamentals of Directing

Theatre Electives

THTR 2220. Stage Movement and Dance
THTR 2420. Introduction to Scenic Design
THTR 3305. Introduction to Scenic Design
THTR 3310. Advanced Acting
THTR 3312. Voice and Diction for the Stage
THTR 3317. Lighting Design
THTR 3319. Costume Design
THTR 3320. Stage Management
THTR 4420. Creative Drama
THTR 2240. Theatre for Youth Production I or THTR 3340 Theatre for Youth Production II
ENGL 3311. Drama
ENGL 4405. Shakespeare

Required Education Courses

EDUC 1199. Introduction To Education
EDUC 3337. Reading and Writing in Content Areas
EDUC 3355. Exceptional Children
EDUC 4401. The Multicultural Classroom
THED 3360.Practicum (K-8)
PSYC 2290. Human Growth and Development
EDUC 4498. Senior Seminar: Reflection and Application
THED 4499. Student Teaching or THED 3361.Practicum (9-12) or EDUC 3307. Learning and Cognition

Professional Semester

EDUC 4497. Classroom Management