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Do I have to have a degree in Nursing (or pre-Nursing) to complete the Certificate program?

No. Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in any field related to Health Science or an Associate’s degree in a related field plus relevant professional experience can apply to the Certificate program.  All students must have completed (with a grade of “C” or better) a two-course sequence of Human Anatomy and Physiology prior to applying.

Can I double major in both Nursing and Cardiovascular Technology?

No. Students are able to earn both degrees, but due to the intense clinical experience components, are not able to do so simultaneously. Students with a BSN are encouraged to consider completing the Certificate program. Other double majors may be possible.

If I’m applying for the Certificate program, must I complete all of Piedmont’s General Education Core classes?

No. Only students completing the Bachelor’s degree in Cardiovascular Technology must complete the General Education Core. A list of these required courses can be found in the College Catalog.

Where can I find the application requirements? 

Application requirements can be found both in the College Catalog and on the website.

Can I play intercollegiate sports while earning a Bachelors in Cardiovascular Technology?

Yes. Students are able to play intercollegiate sports for the first three years of the program. However, the intense nature of the fourth year studies and clinical experiences render sports participation difficult (students should work with their coaches closely when making participation decisions). To ensure no miscommunication, student athletes and their coaches must sign an academic “contract” indicating they have been informed of these requirements each academic term, and that the only academic class absences allowed for athletics are related to game play and travel. All clinical experiences and academic labs missed for athletic participation must be made up outside of other regularly scheduled activities within the individual course time frame (which may include Saturdays).
The year four academic requirements are as follows:

  • Academic classes meet every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 4-8pm (lecture)
  • Academic labs meet throughout the term, but are typically on Wednesday from 4-8pm in place of that day’s lecture
  • Clinical experiences occur daily, typically Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 11:30am-3:30pm and Thursday and Friday from 8am-5pm (with some Saturdays also required)

How do I request information about your Cardiovascular Technology Program?

Contact: RH Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences, PO Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535 (706.776.0116)