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Biology Education Courses

Required Non-content Courses 

EDUC 1199. Introduction to Education
EDUC 3355. Exceptional Children
EDUC 4497. Classroom Management
EDSE 3301. Secondary Methods
EDSE 3335. Science Methods Methods 6-12
ENGL 4440. Reading and Writing in the Content Fields
PSYC 3311. Psychology of Adolescence 

Apprenticeship Sequence 

EDSE 4400. Facilitating Learning and Assessment I
EDSE 4401. Facilitating Learning and Assessment II
EDSE 4498. Apprentice Teaching I
EDSE 4499. Apprentice Teaching II 

Content Courses

PHYS 1011. Physical Science I
CHEM 1101. General Chemistry I
CLAB 1101. General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1102. General Chemistry II
CLAB 1102. General Chemistry II Lab
ENVS 2070. Environmental Science
CHEM 2351. Organic Chemistry
BIOL 1101. General Biology I
BLAB 1101. General Biology I Lab
BIOL 1102. General Biology II
BLAB 1102. General Biology II Lab
BIOL 3240. Genetics
BIOL 3500. Vertebrate Natural History (or 4200 (420))
BIOL 3990. Philosophy and Methodology of Science
BIOL 4210. Biochemistry
BIOL 4700. Ecology