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Biology Courses

Students majoring in Biology must select a concentration in either Cell and molecular biology or Ecology and Evolutionary biology. For more information go to the Current Catalog.

Required Courses

BIOL 1101. General Biology I
BLAB 1101. General Biology I Lab
BIOL 1102. General Biology II
BLAB 1102. General Biology II Lab
BIOL 3200. General Microbiology
BIOL 3240. Genetics
BIOL 3990. Philosophy and methodology of Science
BIOL 4500. Organic Evolution
BIOL 4950. Science Seminar

Concentration: Cell and Molecular Biology

Required courses:

BIOL 3300. Cellular Biology
BIOL 3750. Biotechnology
BIOL 4210. Biochemistry

Choose one from:

BIOL 3650. Comparative Physiology
BIOL 4250. Genomics and Bioinformatics

Concentration: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Required Courses:

BIOL 3500. Vertebrate natural History
BIOL 4200. Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 4700. Ecology

Choose one from:

BIOL 3650. Comparative Physiology
BIOL 3700. Animal Behavior

Also required for the major, and may be applied to a minor

CHEM 1101. General Chemistry I
CLAB 1101. General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1102. General Chemistry II
CLAB 1102. General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 2351. Organic Chemistry I
CLAB 2351. Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 2352. Organic Chemistry II
CLAB 2352. Organic Chemistry II Lab
MATH 2450. Calculus I
PHYS 2110. General Physics I
PHYS 2120. General Physics II