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MS - AT Admission Criteria (Graduate & 3+2 Program)

Admission Criteria/Process

There are two routes for program admission: 
  1. Traditional entry: students holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and meet all prerequisite coursework can apply for the 2-year professional program
  2. 3+2 accelerated entry: undergraduate students who have complete a minimum of 90 undergraduate credits and all prerequisite courses can apply for accelerated entry into the two-year professional program (these 3+2 students will earn a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and an MS in Athletic Training). 
How and when do I apply?  Piedmont College uses the Athletic Training Centralized Application System (ATCAS) to manage all application information and documents. Prospective students should create an ATCAS profile and complete the online application using the hyperlink above no later than January 15th of the year in which they wish to begin the graduate phase of the program. All students must have all prerequisite and general education courses complete prior to starting the first summer session at Piedmont:
  • Traditional entry students should apply in the last year of their baccalaureate program (for most students, this is the senior year prior to spring baccalaureate graduation). 
  • 3+2 accelerated entry students should apply in the year they will complete all general education and prerequisite classes (for most students, this is the third year).
Admission Criteria: Piedmont College uses a rolling admissions structure, but recommends that students submit all required information no later than January 15, 2020.
  • Ability to meet the Technical Standards of Admission as documented by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant
  • Admission to Piedmont College Graduate Studies 
  • Declare Athletic Training as a major 
  • "C" or better on all required prerequisite coursework 
  • Personal Statement and professional CV/Resume
  • Official transcripts from each college, university, or technical school attended. (Final official transcripts due before summer classes begin) Only courses from regionally accredited institutions and foreign institutions approved for semester abroad will be accepted for credit.  Courses from regionally accredited technical colleges in the State of Georgia may be accepted pursuant to Articulation Agreements between Piedmont College and the specific technical college
  • 35 clinical observation hours with a Certified Athletic Trainer (must be signed and include the individual's certification number)
  • Copy of First Aid and CPR certification cards (must be valid through the start of summer courses) 
  • Copy of immunization records, including Hepatitis B and a two-step TB skin test (within 12 months) 
  • Overall cumulative minimum GPA of 2.8 
  • Two letters of recommendation (if already enrolled at Piedmont, one must be from a faculty or staff member) 
  • Successful interview (interviews are extended until the cohort is filled)
  • Successful background check and drug screen (must use the College’s chosen vendor for both; this requirement is done after completing the interview)
  • Current medical physical as documented by a licensed MD, PA, or NP within the last 12 months 
Prerequisite Courses: All students must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, the following courses when applying to the Athletic Training program (only grades of “C” or better will be accepted) *Revised 1/1/2020
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II (6-8cr) 
  • Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, or similar (3-4cr) 
  • Chemistry I and II (6-8cr)
  • Physics I and II [if one 4cr course, must include all of the following: Newtonian mechanics (force, energy, work, momentum), thermodynamics, electromagnetism, waves, and light/optics] (4-8cr)
  • Exercise Physiology (3-4cr) 
  • Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Advanced/Clinical Physiology, or similar (3-4cr)
  • Basic Nutrition or Sport Nutrition (3cr)
  • Fitness Assessment, Exercise Prescription, Strength and Conditioning, Motor Learning, Health Promotion, or similar (3cr) 
  • General Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, or Developmental, Abnormal, or Sport Psychology (3cr) 
  • Statistics or Biostatistics (3cr) 
Provisional Admission and Transfer Policy (3+2 Track only): All students applying in their 3rd year from Piedmont College or transferring from an outside institution into the 3+2 track must have all General Education Core courses, all prerequisite courses, and a minimum of 90 credit hours completed by the end of the application semester.

Travel Requirements

The Athletic Training Program uses multiple clinical sites in and around the Demorest area. Some of these agencies are outside the immediate campus area (up to 45-minute drive time). It is the student's responsibility to arrange transportation to all clinical sites while in the program. Clinical experiences can occur any time of the day and/or any day of the week. Pre-athletic training students completing observational hours as part of the initial application will NOT be required to travel off campus.

Health Form and Immunizations

As part of the application process, students must submit proof of a recent physical examination and record of immunizations that includes proof of HBV inoculation and a negative TB skin test within the last 12 months. This examination must also include documentation by a licensed MD, PA, or NP of the student's ability to meet the CAATE Technical Standards. Clinical sites may require other immunizations at any point in the curriculum, and it will be the student's responsibility to provide documentation as required.

Required Transcripts

Current Piedmont College students must provide an unofficial transcript with their ATP application showing both the prerequisite courses as completed or in progress and GPA.  Students who are in their first semester at Piedmont should submit a midterm grade form in lieu of a transcript.  Applicants who have attended or are attending another university must provide official transcripts to both the university and the ATP from those universities for all semesters attended. Transfer students' transcripts and application process will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

CPR and AED Certification

Students must provide proof of current basic certification in CPR-AED and first aid as part of their ATP application (American Red Cross or American Heart Association only). Students enrolled in HSCS1101 during the application semester can provide the card copy at the end of the term.