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Applied Health Science

The Applied Health Science program focuses on how professionals can help individuals achieve optimal health and fitness while leading more balanced and meaningful lives. This cross-disciplinary degree combines the study of biology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, community health and welfare, and the prevention and control of disease, and approaches wellness from a holistic perspective. (View Rack Card)

Depending on electives completed, there are several excellent careers and graduate school options to pursue, including health and human performance (MS), exercise science (MS), public health (MPH), business administration (MBA), recreational therapy (MS), or nutritional science (MS).


Graduates are prepared to work in:

  • community action centers
  • hospital wellness centers
  • medically based fitness centers
  • sports performance facilities
  • public and private health clubs
  • corporate wellness promotion centers
  • colleges and universities
  • YMCAs and JCCs
  • Recreational and athletic sites

Potential jobs include:

  • public health promotion program administration
  • fitness directors, managers, and supervisors
  • exercise leaders and personal trainers
  • sports performance coaches

Why Piedmont?

Piedmont College’s R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences professors are dedicated to providing an outstanding and personalized program of study that prepares you to enter the professional workforce.