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Make Excelling Your Brand.

It seems everyone considers himself or herself a marketing expert. Sorry to disappoint, but that title goes only to wellschooled individuals with: The instincts to understand people and businesses. The ability to mesh strategy with creativity. The confidence to make critical judgement calls. While those talents may seem a tall order, they are natural outcomes for the Marketing Concentration of the Walker School of Business. (View Rack Card)

Why Study Marketing at Piedmont?

Getting into the minds of consumers and businesses – comprehending their needs and wants – is the first requirement for someone set on a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, brand management, or marketing research. And it’s a key requisite for graduate school. It is by no means the only requirement. There is also the ability to analyze information, formulate multi-platform marketing strategies, and develop concepts that engage the customer. At Piedmont, that transformational skill set is inspired by faculty who have practiced (and continue to practice) what they teach. Covered in classes that span from Entrepreneurship to Sports Marketing. Then brought into practical focus through internships, Maymester opportunities, and by teaming with classmates to tackle real projects for real clients.

Marketing Concentration Courses

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Stories & Highlights

A Heartfelt Story: The Story of Morgan Rolston & Dr. Steve Carlson

Morgan Rolston faced real-life health issues and a heart surgery in 2017. With the help of Dr. Steve Carlson and other faculty, she was still able to manage the rigor of her studies, and went on to win a national award. READ MORE