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Ready. Set. Lead.

In today’s business world, transformational leaders possess a unique skill set. They are confident decision-makers. They can take – and direct – action. They understand ethical boundaries. Instilling these traits is at the heart of the Management Concentration in the Walker School of Business. (View Rack Card)

Why Study Management at Piedmont?

We have developed a unique program that is both broad and specific. Why both? Simple. Standout managers possess a unique prospective. They can see the complete picture and comprehend the details – at the same time. Our students explore big topics like entrepreneurship and world markets. And they dig down into the fine print of financial statements and human resources. Our distinctive approach – created to empower planning, organizing, leading, and controlling – will give you the tools to surge ahead in your career. Combine the mentoring of professors with impressive real-world experience with networking and internships, and you have a rock-solid foundation for succeeding (quickly) in the workforce. Or, if you’re interested in advanced education, succeeding (highly) in an MBA program or law school.

Concentration Requirements

BUSA 3410. Financial Statement Analysis
BUSA 4300. Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
BUSA 4320. Human Resource Management
BUSA 4550. Leadership
BUSA 4800. Quality Management
Electives: Choose two from:
BUSA 3130. Financial Institutions and Markets
BUSA 3310. Organizational Behavior
BUSA 3340. Sports Economics
BUSA 4250. Sales Management
BUSA 4310. Investment Management
BUSA 4340. Facilities and Event Management
BUSA 4700. Management Internship
BUSA 4990. Business Directed Maymester

Stories & Highlights

A Heartfelt Story: The Story of Morgan Rolston & Dr. Steve Carlson

Morgan Rolston faced real-life health issues and a heart surgery in 2017. With the help of Dr. Steve Carlson and other faculty, she was still able to manage the rigor of her studies, and went on to win a national award. READ MORE